We are proud to have been apponted as a retail agent for Batavia Coffee for the Greater Jakarta area and can offer a range of their most popular 250g bagged coffees.

Some things you should know about Batavia Coffee

  • all their products are proudly grown, selected, roasted and ground in Indonsia
  • they pay "Fair Trade" prices to their suppliers
  • their production is mainly for export though they have a cozy coffee shop at Jl. Kemang Rays 78 where you can taste their excellent products by the cup to help you establish your favourites!
  • they almost only sell the premium and superior "Arabica" - the exception is a 40/60 Arabica/Robusta blend which is great for espresso, latte, cappuccino etc.
  • All their beans are roasted "Full City" which means a complete roasting period with the result being a less bitter, deeper flavoured coffee possessed of a fuller aroma.


You can of course make your own coffee selections and have them delivered with any of our other products.

And you can make you selections here.