Traja Sapan Sulawesi
Sulawesi's finest Arabica, with a strong Toraja fragrance and cinnamon hints, sweet and spicy with low to medium acidity.
Rp 130,000
Mandailing Arabica
Grade 1 beans from the Sumatran Highlands, a full bodied Arabica with a floral aroma and high acidity.
Rp 130,000
Sumatra Lintong
An Arabica Grade 1 bean grown at around 1,500m in Sumatra, Strong but sweet muted after taste, small spice hints and of medium acidity.
Rp 130,000
Aceh Gayo
A full bodied Acehnese Arabica possessed with a great aroma and lesser bitterness. Spice hints and of medium to high acidity. A great coffee.
Rp 130,000
Batavia Blend
Perfect for espresso, cappuccino and latte etc. this is Batavia's own blend made from the finest Arabica (40%) and Robusta (60%)
Rp 120,000
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