Aussie Meat Pie
Santi's take on the legendary Aussie Meat Pie and a big hit with our Australian customers - and our overall #1 best seller!
Rp 62,500
Aussie with cheese topping
Just like our standard Aussie meat pie but with a generous topping of Kraft cheese!
Rp 62,500
Steak Pie Chunky
An English classic of course with quality meat, potatoes and veggies. Historically our #1 best seller until ousted by the Aussie Meat Pie!
Rp 57,500
Steak & Guinness
A prince amongst pies and its premium ingredients, including the Guinness itself, is reflected in its top of the range premium pricing.
Rp 65,000
Beef Rendang
Indonesia's favourite and iconic meat in a western pie setting, a pie that has received rave reviews from expats and Indonesian customers. Mildly spicy.
Rp 57,500
Beef Curry
Our very first and still our most popular "Asian Fusion" pie - beloved of many expats as well as Indonesians!!
Rp 57,500
Cottage Pie
The Cottage Pie is one of our own firm favourites, but always with a little extra gravy on top!
Rp 52,500
Chicken & Mushroom
A traditional chicken and mushroom pie guaranteed to satisfy with its rich sauce and great taste. Available also in "mini" format.
Rp 57,500
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