Aussie Meat Pie 275g
Santi's take on the legendary Aussie Meat Pie and a big hit with our Australian customers - and our overall #1 best seller!
Rp 62,500
Aussie with cheese topping 275g
Just like our standard Aussie meat pie but with a generous topping of Kraft cheese!
Rp 62,500
Aussie Meat Pie Mini 90g
The Aussie Mini is a firm favourite with the Kids, hot or cold. Come in packs of 3.
Rp 32,500
Steak Pie - chunky 275g
An English classic of course with quality meat, potatoes and veggies. Historically our #1 best seller until ousted by the Aussie Meat Pie!
Rp 57,500
Steak & Guinness 275g
A prince amongst pies and its premium ingredients, including the Guinness itself, is reflected in its top of the range premium pricing.
Rp 65,000
Steak & Cheese - 275g
A minced based pie topped with Kraft cheese. Huge with our Kiwi customers who consider the Steak & Cheese Pie a national treasure.
Rp 57,500
Beef Rendang 275g
Indonesia's favourite and iconic meat in a western pie setting, a pie that has received rave reviews from expats and Indonesian customers. Mildly spicy.
Rp 57,500
Beef Curry 275g
Our very first and still our most popular "Asian Fusion" pie - beloved of many expats as well as Indonesians!!
Rp 57,500
Cottage Pie 300g
The Cottage Pie is one of our own firm favourites, but always with a little extra gravy on top!
Rp 52,500
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