Cumberland Sausages 500g approx.
A traditional British recipe with a mild herb flavor and naturally spiced. NOT Gluten free. A brilliant large sausage designed to assuage hunger!
Rp 112,500
Sliced Smoked Ham - 250g
A delicious smoked ham, sliced and packed in 250 gram lots for your convenience. NOT the processed stuff you get elsewhere. NOW BACK IN STOCK!!
Rp 75,000
Ozzie BBQ Sausage 500g
Traditional pork sausage, often served for breakfast sausage, full flavor (not spicy), low fat and salt.
Rp 112,500
Chipolata Sausages 500g approx.
Our homemade Chipolatas are ideal for kids' parties, family barbecues and of course as an integral part of your Sunday lunch. This is the 500 gram pack!!
Rp 112,500
Spanish Chorizo 500g .
A delicious spicy pork sausage, meaty, moist, and made by hand the Spanish way, you won't believe just how tasty these really are!
Rp 119,000
Back Bacon 250g
Our most popular bacon offering, a premium quality center cut, dry-cured, smoked and cooked back bacon. Because it’s so lean, you really only need to heat it through rather than fry it up!
Rp 65,000
Streaky Bacon (sliced) - 250g
Dry cured beech wood smoked streaky bacon packing a flavor punch out of this world. Grill or fry and pack into a bread roll for the perfect start to the day. Low salt and fat.
Rp 65,000
Streaky Bacon (whole) 250g
Whole bacon is the choice of many bacon aficionados for its versatility. A streaky bacon that is dry cured and smoked with beech wood. Perfect for sandwiches. NOT sliced.
Rp 60,000
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