You can order or products in a number of ways, via our website, via WhatsApp to 

Ordering on our website could not be simpler.

  • Select the category of foodstuff you see at the top of every screen, eg Meat Pies, Pork Products or whatever
  • Pick the product you want and input the number of products you want - and then click "Add to Trolley" when the system will confirm the item and quantity added.
  • Repeat until you have all the products you need in that category.
  • If you want to add products from another category then select that category at the top and repeat the product and quantity input process above.

When you have  completed your selection, click on the "Trolley" icon top right and click on "Checkout" when you will be taken to the Checkout screen.

At the Checkout screen you will see all your product selections when you can change the numbers of items you have ordered or delete a product line.

When you are happy with what is in the trolley, click on "Checkout and Confirm" at the bottom of the screen when you will be taken to the Checkout screen.

The first time you checkout you will have to give us some address and contact data, on subsequent occasions the system will remember the data you put in.

When you click confirm you will see an on-screen acknowledgment that your order has been received.

Within less than an hour on most occasions, you will receive an e-mail or WhatsApp from us reflecting any discounts and delivery charges applied. Our bank details are included in the invoice.