About our Pastas

We currently offer pasta both as ready-to-eat Ravioli and also as freshly made-to-order plain uncooked pasta for you to do with as you will. All are the product of our talented native Italian chef, and are what we describe as being “like your Momma made!"


Ready-to-eat Ravioli dinners

These come in two types, Beef Ravioli and a piquant Spinach and Ricotta, both 300+ grams and both in a brilliant homemade Italian tomato sauce . A sauce so popular that several customers have asked for 1kg lots! 

Both are stocked frozen and are ready for immediate delivery.

The ready-to-eat Ravioli dinners need just 9-10 minutes in your microwave at full blast to be plate ready. If you have time then defrosting first and then microwaving at full blast for 4-5 minutes will lead to a slightly superior offering, perfection in fact. That said, most people don’t bother!

Some of our customers add a little chilli and a splash of balsamic … and a little fresh basil is always nice to make it prettier!

Once opened the Ravioli should be kept in the fridge and warmed within 48 hours. Do not refreeze once thawed. For use-by-date see the bottom of the pack.


Fresh Pasta

Our fresh pastas come in 1kg lots and are made-to-order so we need a couple of days notice to get them to you.

To ensure that your Ravioli pastas arrive as fresh as possible - and without clumping or sticking together, they come with plenty of flour to ensure moisture retention. We recommend using a litre of lightly salted water per 100 grams of pasta when boiling - when the flour will just fall away and the Ravioli will float to  the top.

Our fresh pastas include Beef Ravioli, Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, Gnocchi and Tagliatelle, the latter in both white and black.

Any fresh pasta that is not used in your first batch can be safely frozen for up to one month.



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