Our origins lie back in 2014 and were born of one man’s frustration, a frustration at being unable to find a pie worthy of the name in Jakarta after 4 years of searching, on and off. Little did he know that the answer to his pie yearnings was actually sharing a bed with him every night.

Yes, Santi was eventually convinced to give it a go with a meat pie, and it was so good that it immediately went on the family meal roster – and subsequently refined to the point of perfection!

Now you too can share in the delights of Santi’s Pies made only with good wholesome ingredients and delivered to you as fresh as the moment they came out of the oven.

Since the filling out of our pie range, other expatriate favourites have been added to the range viz Pasta and a small range of Porkies Bali deservedl famous and fabulous products. A number of future developments in the range are planned including curry puffs, home made crisps and one or two more.

We are here to bring you comfort!! ..... Santi xxx