Our default method of delivery is the ubiquitous Gojek. They do a great job and have never failed us after hundreds of deliveriessmiley

We pack your order in two or more plastic bags and wrap securely in tape. If you suspect the package has been interfered with then please let us know so we can take appropriate action. BTW this has NEVER happened yet.

We order your Gojek in good time so that the ETA is achieved or better and this happens the great majority of the time. It can happen however that availability is poor at peak times or the driver stops off for a spot of makan on the way so ETA is just that, estimated. More than 15 minutes late would be very unusual. If we know an order is going to be late then we will advise you by WhatsApp.

From the address you give us on your first order, we check against Google Maps and if there is any uncertaintly we will send you a small map of where we think you are - and ask you to confirm location.

We charge Gojek at no more than cost but will often provide a "Delivery Discount" depending on the size of the order.

BTW We feel terrribly guilty about using those plastic bags so, if you know of any reasonably economic alternative, then PLEASE do let us know!!