Apple Crumble 235g
Our Apple crumble has attracted the very highest praise and is our #1 best selling fruit pie.
Rp 50,000
Apple Crumble Mini 90g
The mini version of our best selling fruit pie, popular with the kids and those who find the 235g of the regular size too daunting. Our minis all come in 3 packs!!
Rp 27,500
Apple Pie 235g
The classic English fruit pie but, with its generous cinnamon component, has something of a US flavour to it. Made from a mixture of foreign and fine Malang apples.
Rp 47,500
Cherry Crumble 235g
A premium pie of distinction with that special crumble addition loved by so many ...
Rp 50,000
Raspberry Pie 235g
The pure joy of the raspberry in this pie has a relatively small but enthusiastic group of devotees.
Rp 50,000
Strawberry Pie 235g
Great Strawberries from our very own Puncak are the basis for this delicious fruit pie. Serve hot and with cream for a little bit of Wimbledon!
Rp 50,000
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